10 February 2012

Cracking Up

My sister likens a "sleepover" at our place to staying at a B&B (partially a play on my childhood nickname of "B").  Very flattering - the B&B reference not the nickname.

Short for Sophia - and named after our mother
In trying to find a clever name for this post I came across the following origin for the idiom "Cracking Up" - it refers to a Civil War time makeup technique.  During this time makeup consisted mainly of beeswax whereby ladies had to partially melt the makeup before applying it and after application it would harden.  If the lady laughed or smiled it would crack the makeup, so it would look like her face was "cracking up".  Imagine!!

My sister loves to sew and loves to embellish with buttons - as do I.  She also happens to love chocolate, so I filled the cracker with chocolate balls made by Lindt.

What is your favourite emebellishment?

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