27 February 2012

Terra Australis

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, amazed and so very proud of what I can achieve.  (Humility not being one of my strong points.)

This is a gift box made for Frenchie (Emilie).  It has been designed to house a cupcake soap which proudly displays atop (backwards, if you can believe it?) the map of Australia.  I cut out a window in the shape of our great continent and have used the cutout as a tag.

Sorry Tasmania for the blatant omission (again).
That backwards thing is really getting my goat.
The inking around the outside has a dual purpose
- highlighting and water.

What's in your brag book?

23 February 2012

Valentines' Day

Hello, my name is Papier and Cakes and I am a commercial junkie.

Say what you like about Valentines' Day, Easter, Christmas Day and all those other festivities being commercialised to obliteration; when you get a bunch of flowers that look like this you're going to take them!!

Pardon the Shabby Chic-ness of my home.
It's quite unintentional.

After nearly 21 years I still can pretty much guarantee that I will receive something that looks like this on the 14th of February from Mr Cakes.

I feel loved everyday (almost) anyway, this is just the icing on the cake.

Mr Cakes doesn't realise the depth of my love for lady bugs.
That was just a fluke - made by the florist.

Lucky lucky me.

20 February 2012

"The Frenchies are Coming!"

I cry in my best Paul Revere(esque) voice.  Yes, yes I know, he never actually said it.  Just like Marie Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake" and Ingrid Bergman or Humphrey Bogart never said "Play it again, Sam".  But why let facts get in the way of a good blog title?

We are currently trying to improve our grasp of the French language by playing host to a gorgeous French exchange student (Emilie).  She hails from the region of Bordeaux which is located in the region of Aquitaine in the south-west of France. Emilie will be staying with us for just over two weeks.

You can just make out the blue butterfly which has landed
on the right hand side of the bon-bon (oui?).

This is one of the gifts that we have assembled for her, it contains Caramello Koalas. What else?

What present would you give a visitor from overseas?

16 February 2012

Concertina Wheely Things

For each new embellishment that appears in the market place comes a new name.

If only I could keep up with all the latest fads.  These are called Paper Rosettes.

Do you feel like your getting old and a little bit left behind sometimes?

10 February 2012

Cracking Up

My sister likens a "sleepover" at our place to staying at a B&B (partially a play on my childhood nickname of "B").  Very flattering - the B&B reference not the nickname.

Short for Sophia - and named after our mother
In trying to find a clever name for this post I came across the following origin for the idiom "Cracking Up" - it refers to a Civil War time makeup technique.  During this time makeup consisted mainly of beeswax whereby ladies had to partially melt the makeup before applying it and after application it would harden.  If the lady laughed or smiled it would crack the makeup, so it would look like her face was "cracking up".  Imagine!!

My sister loves to sew and loves to embellish with buttons - as do I.  She also happens to love chocolate, so I filled the cracker with chocolate balls made by Lindt.

What is your favourite emebellishment?

05 February 2012

Fly Swing Card

Butterflies are beautiful.  Dragonflies are daring.  SwingCards are spontaneous (do forgive me - that's my best).

Here I have combined all my favourite elements (du jour) to create a birthday card for my niece, Veronica Cakes.

Do you recognise what's emerging from the reverse side?

My "quilting" square made as a result of ScrapCarding (my word!).

What would be your "s" adjective for the SwingCard?
PS This blog is rated 'G'