25 January 2012


Is that what you call it when you make a card out of the "bits" of paper left over from Scrapbooking?

Or should it be called Patch Carding in honour of our fabric-obsessed sisters?  Although I see that there is already something available called Patch Cards - to do with barcoding and blah blah blah.  I stopped listening?
But I digress, this is a photo set of what I made.

Start with A4 card stock - landscape.
Fold it into 3 (each section will be just under 10cm in width). The left fold is a valley, the right a mountain.
Measure from the top left hand corner across the card to a point on the right hand edge, that measures 11cm from the top.
Cut this triangle away.

Trace about a third of the way around a round object to create a series of arcs running along the new edge.
Cut along these arcs.
I used a PVA glue bottle for the arcs.  It had a diameter of 4.5cm.

On each third of the card that will ultimately face the front, glue a piece of scrapbooking paper.  Ensure that all three pieces are different but come from the same collection.
Trace the arcs onto the back of the scrapbooking paper and cut them out.  Trim this down so that it sits 3mm in from the base card, giving a border.

This is the collection of papers I used to make this card.

Once all the scrapbooking papers are attached to the base card, the fun begins!!

Punch out a butterfly.  Hmmm, next time remember to ink the edges.

Cut out a bird from the scrapbooking paper, and mount it onto the card stock used for the base card.

Make a button from two different coloured pieces of card.
Punch out the holes using an eyelet hole punch.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
"Front" of the card

"Back" of the card


The finished card.

Thank you KaiserCraft for the inspiration.

PS This is now the Profile Picture I use on Facebook - am I proud?  Yep!!!!

To whom should I give the card?

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