21 January 2012

Getting into the Swing of Things

Sally Cakes is off to a birthday party tonight.  The lucky recipient of this card is Lachie.

It's quite an ingenious looking card and yet is surprisingly easy to make.  I took my basic instructions from a YouTube video and just altered the measurements, basically because I'm too much of a Very Lazy Ladybug to bother myself with converting the measurements from imperial to metric.

To operate the swinging action of the centre of the card, you just hold the left and right sides of the card, pull outwards and Hey Presto! the centre image swings around to reveal the reverse side.

See!  It's even easy to explain.

The handsome looking devil in the centre, let's call him Tom, was designed and cut out by yours truly using the Bosskut Gazelle.  I also designed the wallpaper he is adhered to in the background.  I say "designed" in a whispering voice, because I really just took a Clipart Image and repeated it over and over in a word document.  Aaaaaaand by scaling the document before printing it, I was able to get various sizes of the penguins all over the wallpaper.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I also made the embellishments attached to the right hand side of the card.  Don't know what to call them, but I saved them onto my computer over a year ago and called the file Tree Foilage - Round.

The only challenge remaining is to find enough space on the card on which Sally Cakes can write her birthday salutations!!