30 January 2012

Beautiful Butterflies

Another triumph for the ScrapCarding process.

 Again, I must remember to ink the edges!

Do you have any bad habits that need remedying?

25 January 2012


Is that what you call it when you make a card out of the "bits" of paper left over from Scrapbooking?

Or should it be called Patch Carding in honour of our fabric-obsessed sisters?  Although I see that there is already something available called Patch Cards - to do with barcoding and blah blah blah.  I stopped listening?
But I digress, this is a photo set of what I made.

Start with A4 card stock - landscape.
Fold it into 3 (each section will be just under 10cm in width). The left fold is a valley, the right a mountain.
Measure from the top left hand corner across the card to a point on the right hand edge, that measures 11cm from the top.
Cut this triangle away.

Trace about a third of the way around a round object to create a series of arcs running along the new edge.
Cut along these arcs.
I used a PVA glue bottle for the arcs.  It had a diameter of 4.5cm.

On each third of the card that will ultimately face the front, glue a piece of scrapbooking paper.  Ensure that all three pieces are different but come from the same collection.
Trace the arcs onto the back of the scrapbooking paper and cut them out.  Trim this down so that it sits 3mm in from the base card, giving a border.

This is the collection of papers I used to make this card.

Once all the scrapbooking papers are attached to the base card, the fun begins!!

Punch out a butterfly.  Hmmm, next time remember to ink the edges.

Cut out a bird from the scrapbooking paper, and mount it onto the card stock used for the base card.

Make a button from two different coloured pieces of card.
Punch out the holes using an eyelet hole punch.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
"Front" of the card

"Back" of the card


The finished card.

Thank you KaiserCraft for the inspiration.

PS This is now the Profile Picture I use on Facebook - am I proud?  Yep!!!!

To whom should I give the card?

23 January 2012

Happy Birthday to ? ? ?

The close to last year was crazy busy.  This card was lovingly made (if you can believe me) for one of my colleagues but I have to admit, head held low in shame, that I can't remember to whom I gave it.  I have waited too long to write this post and did not keep a faithful record of my handiwork.
The butterfly was cut out using the Sizzix Big Shot.

Soooooo, Happy Birthday Sue slash Kylie.

Have you experienced any "deleted memories" lately?

21 January 2012

Getting into the Swing of Things

Sally Cakes is off to a birthday party tonight.  The lucky recipient of this card is Lachie.

It's quite an ingenious looking card and yet is surprisingly easy to make.  I took my basic instructions from a YouTube video and just altered the measurements, basically because I'm too much of a Very Lazy Ladybug to bother myself with converting the measurements from imperial to metric.

To operate the swinging action of the centre of the card, you just hold the left and right sides of the card, pull outwards and Hey Presto! the centre image swings around to reveal the reverse side.

See!  It's even easy to explain.

The handsome looking devil in the centre, let's call him Tom, was designed and cut out by yours truly using the Bosskut Gazelle.  I also designed the wallpaper he is adhered to in the background.  I say "designed" in a whispering voice, because I really just took a Clipart Image and repeated it over and over in a word document.  Aaaaaaand by scaling the document before printing it, I was able to get various sizes of the penguins all over the wallpaper.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I also made the embellishments attached to the right hand side of the card.  Don't know what to call them, but I saved them onto my computer over a year ago and called the file Tree Foilage - Round.

The only challenge remaining is to find enough space on the card on which Sally Cakes can write her birthday salutations!!

19 January 2012

Love a Teapot . . .

. . . and love a bargain.

Sally Papier and I found this at the recent Boxing Day Sales.  Probably the only true "find" of the day.  Not the most attractive teapot that I own, one could probably even describe it as gaudy.  However it now brings the total of my collection to a grand 7!

What do you collect?

16 January 2012

Christmas Cracker

A cracker can be a novel way to wrap a present.

A small group of us from the office gave to the boss and her husband a voucher for Christmas.  It was to go on a tour of the iconic Melbourne Laneways.

Chocolates were added to the cracker along with a corny joke and lots of glittery sequins.

How do you go about wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts?

09 January 2012

Presents for the Kids

Last year in my role as a Teacher's Aide, I worked in three different classes.  There were over 70 children that I came into contact with each week and who I wanted to acknowledge at Christmas time.  This is what I came up with as a present.

Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

Giant, fluffy marshmallows (squishy like you imagined clouds to be when you were a child) that were dipped into scrumptious chocolate (melted) and then impaled onto bamboo skewers.  Each skewer had a set of three marshmallows.  Once set, I wrapped each "pop" in a cellophane bag and tied it off with some curling ribbon.  They looked amazing and the children assured me that they tasted every bit as good as they looked!

I have to confess that I did "borrow" (read steal) the idea from the San Churro store at Knox Shopping Centre.

Have you ever had to resort to the assembly line approach for reasons of mass production?

06 January 2012

The Third Tannenbaum

Finally The Painted Tree makes it Christmas debut.

The Painted Tree was last sighted on our Pink Night which Sally Papier held to help raise money for Breast Cancer.  The night was a wonderfully "delicious" success.

Thank you Kymmie for my exquisite Doulton bauble x x x

Thank you Grandma for the sleepy, blinking koala (handpainted).

 Hope your tree brings you as much joy as my trio do for me.

04 January 2012

Another Tannenbaum

I just love Christmas.  I love decorating the house.  I love trying to fill as many of the spaces in our living area with trinkets and ornaments that leave no one in doubt that the season for giving and loving has arrived.

I love my silver-wire tree from which dangles the very precious ornaments made of glass.  Ornaments that would not survive a fatal fall from the green tree that inevitably drops bits as it dries and withers over the month.

Each year the Advent Calendar fairy gives to Sally Papier and Tom Cakes a beautiful handmade glass bauble to start their own personal collection.  Let the obsession continue with another generation.

 Do you have any precious Christmas trinkets that you love?

03 January 2012

O Tannenbaum

Christmas at the Papier household wouldn't be Christmas without the annual pilgrimage to the Christmas Tree Farm. It is a drama that is as much a part of our Christmas as Christmas Eve Caroles.  It involves many, uncomplicated yet action-packed stages.

Preliminary Stage(s): Many weeks spent buttering up (read "wearing down") Mr Cakes, convincing him that a real tree is so much better than the store bought variety.  The smell now evokes all sorts of wonderful memories of Christmases past, akin to the luscious fragrances of gingerbread and Sangria.  You can't get that in a can.

Stage One: Book shared family trailer which lives out it's populous existence at my father-in-law's house.  The dear man, there is nothing that he wouldn't do for us at the drop of a hat.

Stage Two: Drive out to the farm and spend much time choosing the perfect tree.  Record: 42 minutes.

Stage Three: Find an enthusiastic attendant who is willing to shed personal body weight, equivalent to that of a small baby, in sweat cutting, sawing and, finally, hacking down the tree for us - by hand!!!  I hope that Santa brought him a chainsaw for Christmas.  You can locate said attendants roaming about the farm by looking up to the heavens and sighting their measuring sticks - seemingly gliding about as if they have legs of their own.  They resemble, from this angle, Wizard Whitebeard.

Stage Four:  Carry heavy, heavy tree back to the trailer, pay the ransome fee and drive it home, hoping that not too much foilage is lost in the 40 minute return journey.

Stage Five:  Watch Mr Cakes untie the baby, now Christened with a name for it indeed has become a member of the family.

Stage Six: Teamwork.  All hands on deck.  We try and impale the tree onto a nail set inside a stand, designed specifically for this purpose, whilst simultaneously yelling (mostly unhelpful) advice at each other about the current angle of the tree.  True festive magic now.

Finally, we all emerge from under the tree.  Hot, bothered, some of us - bleeding, pulling needles from parts of our body and clothing that I will not mention here.
Like our very own construction within Pisa, we watch the tree incline over the ensuing week, catch it as it falls to the floor, mop up the water which has poured out of the well and right the tree again.  We do this at least twice.  We are a family truly united now.

Now it can be decorated and it is ready for it's close up Mr DeMille.

Did I mention that it's only 3 metres tall?
That's because we ran out of ceiling height.
I fear that Mr Cakes, given the chance, would have gone taller!!

"Was it worth it?" I hear you ask.
You tell me.

01 January 2012

Baby Jordan Christmas Day

Christmas with the Papier and Cakes is a fun and noisy day.  As previously mentioned, I am one of five children and we all have children of our own, I am even a great aunt!  Altogether we now number 30.  I know this is not the biggest gathering by far, however it is still a number to be planned for and respected.

My niece has hosted Christmas Day these past two years.  This is in honour of her third son who had the temerity to arrive two years ago on  Christmas Day.  He is called Jordan but his merciless Great Aunts call him Jesus, well I do anyway.

Thank you for opening your front door to us all dear Veronica.

This is a small gift that I put together as a thankyou for the beautiful hostess.  You may notice the star on the front of the gift card.  I cut it out using my new "toy".  The Sizzix Big Shot Diecutter was purchased at the recent Craft and Sewing Show, held at the Caulfield Racecourse.  It is great at cutting out projects that require fine detail, filigree style - stay tuned for more, I've only just warmed up.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
I do hope that you were also able to spend the day amongst the ones you love the most.