30 September 2011

Spring has Sprung

We have been blessed with the most beautiful spring time days recently, just in time for the school holidays.  As yet I have not had the pleasure of enjoying my garden in spring time - we moved here in February this year - and so I have been wandering around each week marvelling at all the blooms coming forward to share with us their delightful scents and wonderous colours.

Close Up of an Azalea

Below is a photo of the Azalea shrub from which the flower originated.  Unfortunately the photograph (or probably camera) doesn't do it justice.  The bush is located alongside our sauna, otherwise known as the Lizard House - so named by Tom Paper.

We actually use the sauna to store all our toys for the swimming pool.  I assume the lizards just use it for parties.

PS I began writing this post last weekend.  The weather has "turned" in a big way since then.  Storms, rain and wind are all now the order of the day.

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