21 September 2011

Charming Mini Books

One of my favourite gifts for someone special is the Mini Book.  A zigzag-style album full of photo memories, journalling, quotes and embellishments.

The front cover has been embellished with a "memories" rub-on and some pink flower jewels.

We recently farewelled one of our students who has moved to Hong Kong, possibly for the next couple of years.

Oops, a box of medication found its way into the shot!!

I asked all the Grade Two children in her class to pass on to me a "goodbye and good-luck" message to include in her Mini Book.  I then surfed the school photo network to come up with a selection of photos of her from her very first day of school until the most recently ones taken this year.

The photos contained in the book have not been displayed.

Her current teacher also wrote a special message on the back of this tag from the whole class and the school.

She also arranged for a Signature Bear to be passed around to her school friends on which they recorded special messages of farewell.

I especially love the way children just say things as they are - no dressing up.  They are refreshingly honest, maybe that's why I spend so much time around them.  There is no rubbish to sift through when you're dealing with them, no hidden agenda.

I have actually been in the same classroom as Jessica since prep, so I was especially sorry to see her go.  However, it also meant that I have a lot of fond memories of her and so making the book was always going to be a labour of love.

And why not finish with a waterfall?

Farewell Jessica.  We hope to see your smiling face back at our school in two years time.

Do you have a favourite project that you love to repeat as a gift?

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