25 April 2011

The War of the Rabbits

You Take the High Road, and I'll Take the Low Road - and so it begins . . . .

Every Easter I try and decorate the home, not to the same extent (read madness) as I do for Christmas, so that it takes on something of a festive feel for this time of the year.

Several years ago I bought for Sally Cakes and Tom Papier a pair of Rabbits (actually I buy them a rabbit for Easter each year) that had metal legs.  These particular creatures, with their metal legs, allow one to make same Rabbits tall, short or something in between.

Here Tom Rabbit is shorter than Sally Rabbit
This has now begun something of an added Easter tradition in our household.  As well as collecting the hunting eggs on Easter Sunday morning, put out by the beautifully, svelte and attractive Easter Bunny herself, my children take much mirth in "agitating" one another with a new pastime.

Over the ensuing days/weeks (depending on how long I keep the home decorated for Easter), my children rejoice in making their sibling's Rabbit as short as possible, whilst keeping their own as tall as possible.   You will notice from the above photograph that poor "Old Tom" is not just stunted in the legs, but his ears "do hang low"!!

Last year it reached completely new "heights" when they started putting their own rabbit onto higher ground.  First the window sill, then the display table and then on top of the drapes.  It all culminated in the winning rabbit being placed in a hollow in the ceiling, created by a recently removed air conditioning system.  Dirty rabbit, but winning placement.

Please tell me that I'm not the only parent of children with manic traits!!

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