28 April 2011

Gifts of the Unexpected

I sometimes feel that the most beautiful gift, whether it be material or intangible, is one that is given when you're not expecting it.  Either your not expecting a gift or favour from that particular person, or you're not anticipating anything at that particular time of the year.

A hug from someone, because they love you and haven't told you for a while.

A card from a dear friend, reminding you that they are always there to lend a hand, when things are not going according to the big plan of "life".

"Thank you" for the thankyou
Thank you Kerry and Nic for the gift of chocolate eggs and the "handmade" cracker.  It was kind of you to think of me at a time when you would have had many such gifts to hand out to others.  I can see that you have put a lot of time into making the cracker and I really appreciate the gesture.

Who has surprised you recently with a Gift of the Unexpected?

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