05 January 2011

Harvest Time

What you may very well ask is that sad little collection of, what is it? berries?

Blueberries from my very own garden.
Yes, and I might add, with chest pushed out very proudly, from my very own plant that I have been coaxing along in the warmish climate that is Melbourne.  I have been willing the bush to produce its bounty this year and with great results.  Each morning for the past 10 days, I have wandered outside and collected a small handful of FRESH blueberries to enjoy with my breakfast.  Just mine, no one elses, because just like the Little Red Hen in this household, very little interest is taken in my pursuits until the time of food reckoning. 

So am I sharing my beautiful bounty of blueberries you ask?  "No, not I!!"

Do you have any favourites that you keep in the cupboard away from the kids?

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