05 January 2011

Goodbye to Another Christmas

Even though we didn't host a large Christmas lunch or dinner affair this year, we still prepared our dining table in a festive style for the month of December.  I'm a little late with my postings at the moment and am using the holidays to try and catch up with all my posts that have been residing in the cyber-wings.

Each guest received a 'chinese take away container" with treats inside.
Whilst we did not host any large occasions, we did however have one very special event.  This is the table prepared in readiness for an annual luncheon we hosted for our very dear friend Karlene.  She always manages to make time for us in her busy schedule and we look forward to her fun and hilarity each year.

Wherever you spent your time this Christmas, I do hope that it was with the people dearest to your heart and that you had a wonderful time that built on the many happy memories of Christmas you already have.

Thank you for visitng my blog during 2010 and posting your comments - I appreciate each and everyone of them.

Papier and Cakes

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