08 December 2010

'Tis the Season for Giving

At work we have begun a Christmas tradition that is now in its fifth year of running.  We are given the opportunity of participating in a Kris Kringle custom whereby another colleague's name is selected from a hat and over the course of December until the end of the school year, you are to spoil your person with various gifts, treats, favours and/or messages.

You, as the giver, are to remain anonymous during this time until the final day, when, during a flurry of final gift giving, the big reveal happens.  Normally anonymity would not be a problem, however, one of the suggested "gifts" is that you decorate the receiver's pigeon hole, which is located in a very public place - the staffroom.  This can lead to minor heart palpitations as you try and make the pigeon hole look like an adult has completed the work (and not one of the preppies) whilst completing the task in near record time!!!

Each year I try and select a theme with which to work as I find this makes the job easier.  However this year's theme of "Life in a Jar" has come unstuck a couple of times, so far, as I have failed to find a jar appropriate enough for my gift.  When this happened I resorted to cutting out a box, using the famous Gazelle, and I am now living with the notion that jars can come in cardboard as well as glass.

I have forgotten to photograph what I have created so far, but will try and remember from now on.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

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