05 September 2010


This is the latest craze (for me anyway) - waterfall cards.  Although I gather from surfing the web and utube that such cards have been around for several years.  Not like me to hurry anyway.

I made this card for my father-in-law to accompany his present for Fathers' Day.  As you can gather from the overall theme, he is very much in love with his wood turning tools and his lathe.

We added a message to the pull-down piece.

The card works by pulling down the bottom of the centre piece.  When you do this the card rotates towards the back and each individual flap attached cascades around to reveal its hidden treasure.  I am so in love with this technique that I have made two more such cards.

This one is for my "favourite" sister (ooops, am I allowed to say that?).  She is just as enamoured with her sewing machine and knitting needles as my father-in-law is with his lathe.  She is always making me clothes, in particular skirts, and I find it hard to reciprocate the the kindness of her ongoing gestures.

Button Cards
This year for her birthday, I have made her a collection of handmade cards to use as part of her gift giving.  She is immensely generous with her gifts and time.  As you can see with one variety of card above, a button theme was introduced as an attempt to marry her passion with an appropriate card.

This next card I made for my daughter, Sally Cakes, to give to her close friend at school.  In fact, it was my daughter who originally put me on to the idea of waterfall cards - having seen it at a paper show in May earlier this year and memorising the technique enough when we got home to reproduce the effect.  I have finally been able to put it into practise - with (modestly she says) amazing effects!!

What's your latest craze?

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  1. I love the cards with the plain white flowers on them!

    The waterfall cards are very clever - looks like you put in as much work on them as my son did on his Father's Day card this year, which was a concertina affair with pages of drawings.

    No crazes around here unless you count the multiple cushions I am making since the sewing party!