28 September 2010

Collections and Collectors

Buttons come in useful for decorating cards and scrapbooking pages.  Oh, and I hear some people apparently use them for holding garments closed, or some such thing.  Apparently.

Always one to try and match the font to the message, I have used a font called Buttons & Patches on this card.  I individually selected-out the letters that actually displayed themselves as a button and coloured them separately from the other letters in the birthday message.

A rare glimpse of winter sunlight to accompany the photo.
Even as a collection in a jar, buttons have a dual purpose as they can serve as an adornment in their container.

Teddy Bear on a Picnic
And sometimes the containers themselves can become the adornment.  This treasure was gifted to me by a dear friend for my birthday about 20 years ago.  My children have grown through the years knowing that this is the button box.  My mother's button box is my absolute favourite, it's made of pressed metal - simply charming.

My daughter was a great collector as a child - her most treasured collection, which we still have, is of gumnuts.


What sorts of things do you collect?

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