15 August 2010

Oh, I would like to live beside the seaside

When I first cut out and assembled the milk cartons someone remarked that they looked like houses.

That gave me an idea.

Bathing Boxes

A colleague of mine is soon moving house to a place by the beach (lucky girl).  As a small congratulatory sentiment on the settlement of her new home, I have her a couple of "milk cartons" to resemble the bathing boxes that frequent the shorelines down there.  You will notice that I chose papier that was striped to assist the overall effect.

A matching card was then made to accompany the present.

A golden oldie stamp was used.

I haven't used this stamp for over seven years.  The end result was achieved using quite a simple approach to card making, particularly when you compare it to what we produce these days.  I almost felt like a cheat.  Almost.
  1. I stamped the image in black ink.
  2. Coloured it in with textas.
  3. Cut around the image.
  4. Mounted that card onto red card and cut around that too.
  5. Then used two layers of mounting tape to attach the bathing boxes to the card with a background of clouds.

Cloud Template (used) and Sponge Dauber

The clouds were made using a double-sided cloud template, a sponge dauber and a stamp pad.  I inked up the dauber on a blue stamp pad, and dabbed (or daubed) around the top of the template.  I did this 3 or 4 times to produce a sky full of clouds.  This can be quite addictive and I had to hold myself back from overdoing it and falling back to my habit of more-is-more.

Here is the final product:

A place in the sun by the sea.

Have you resurrected any out-of-fashion techniques lately?

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  1. very clever B. Good oldie stampies will never go out of fashion. AJ