09 August 2010

My Favourite Toy

This is what all the fuss is about:::

Bosskut Gazelle Digital Diecutter

This is the gift I recently received for my 36th (again) birthday from beloved family.  And still there was some money in left the kitty to get me some body butter from The Body Shop (aptly named, as at times I could actually eat it) and another cook book (can't have too many of those) by Maeve O'Mara - Food Safari.

Back to the toy.  The Bosskut Diecutter is the most amazing machine to have ever been invented.  I cannot wax lyrical enough about all it can do.  And believe me, I am the biggest "waxer" of all time.  Forget all those cheaper cutters that are limited by the cartridges you can buy.  You end up spending $100's anyway acquiring new cartridges.  This is the cutter for you if you're serious about paper cutting - oh, did I mention that it can also cut out cotton fabric, foam and someone has even cut out fondant icing for cupcake decorations, aahhh, a woman after my own heart.

Anything that you can import onto your computer as an image can be cut out.

If you are a papier junkie like me, and need (note the use of the word need, not want) a word or an embellishment for a card, a scrapbooking page or even for your latest school project (well we do most of the work don't we?) this is the machine to get.  I sound like a spruiker don't I?

Fortunately, to complement this, I am completely addicted to the website http://www.dafont.com/, a site of many many thousands of fonts all of which can be downloaded.  Well, pretty much any one of the fonts that you can download can be used to produce words which can then be cut out by the Bosskut Gazelle.

With which one of your toys do you spend an inordinate amount of time?

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  1. I spend the most time on my computer, designing with "Illustrator". I also love my light box, my sewing machine...all my fabric...