03 August 2010

Milk of Human Kindness

He who distributes the milk of human kindness cannot help but spill a little on himself.
JM Barrie (Peter Pan)

As far as papier projects go, this took a little while to put together; so the feeling of accomplishment was tremendous when the task was finally finished.

Using my new Bosskut Gazelle "personal" digital die cutter I created a template that would cut and score a piece of scrapbooking paper which could then be miraculously folded into what you see above - a miniature milk carton.  I cannot guarantee that it will actually hold milk, unless it is in the form of a milk bottle lolly (candy)  - in the photo you might be able to see that this particular carton is holding strawberries and cream lollies.

Up, Up and Away 

Continuing with the papier theme, and because I just can't help myself, I have been working with the children at school on papier mache, covering balloons to produce hot air balloons. An oversized one is also being worked on at home to create one for my display in the school hallway. This is the brute with two layers of paper on it.

One more layer of paper to go and then a final coat of paint and it will be finished. Stay tuned for the final product.

Have you ever covered anything with gooey paper?


  1. Love the milk carton, Barb and the sweets inside.
    Great heading to your blog.

  2. I knew you were clever Barb, but now I'm even more impressed with your amazing talents!!! Thanks for a great craft night friday too.
    Regards Sue
    p.s I want one of those machines!!!!