08 August 2010

Madame Butterfly

Yesterday I was stuck at home, under the weather and quite miserable.  Yet I still needed to wrap my niece's birthday present and produce a birthday card.  I couldn't go out to get wrapping paper and a gift card, and really, I should be creating my own anyway.

Best angle for the present - alas not for the background (oops!)

This is what I came up with.  A box, which can be kept and reused to display photos.  On top of the box I placed a lace border of butterflies and a central embellishment of a flying butterfly. This is the gift that "keeps on giving".  When you remove the lid, the box collapses (intentionally mind you) to a flat surface of nine squares.  These can all be mounted with photographs.  Inside this box is another similar, but slightly smaller box - also made up of nine squares which can be decorated - on both sides - with photos and other embellishments.  Included in the box of goodies was an assortment of shapes, flowers and butterflies which can be used to decorate the photos.  These had been cut from the scraps of card and scrapbooking paper used in the construction of the gift/photo box.

Went with a butterfly theme.

Did you happen to notice that the paper used for the box actually matches the jewellery we put inside it?  Very clever don't you think . . . . .  and yes, as it turns out, something of a fluke on my behalf.  Isn't that usually the way?  I probably couldn't have found the matching paper if I intentionally went looking for it.

Fiddling can be Serendipitous
I'm most pleased that these photos match the colour wall of my Blog.

This obviously isn't the best angle for the photo, given the shadow it's casting on the gift card, but I wanted to show off the butterfly-themed lace border which had been mounted on top of the lid of the box.  I actually cut it out a couple of weeks ago - for no particular reason except to see what it looked like - and whilst I was fiddling about putting this box together, a serendipitous moment struck - it was the perfect size and motif for the lid!!

Have you ever had a moment like that when you accidentally discovered something?  When things just came together without you contriving them to do so?

::Trivia Fact::
Did you know that butterflies don't actually have ears?
They "hear" through their wings by sensing changes in sound vibrations.

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