29 July 2010

An Inauspicious Inauguration

A tentative start in the world of Blogging and Bloggers.

So many clever people.  In the way they present their blogs, in their prose (how long do they spend getting every word just right?) and of course in the wonderful work they produce.

my variation on another's original idea
I have begun, not with an original idea, but with a copy of someone else's card which they posted on "utube".  Smarties Candy holder video (see Dawn's post dated 22 July 2010)  But I was keen to start and so photographed this pretty little gift card once it was finished.

Did you notice that a roll of Fizzers has been placed in the side of the card?  This is what is meant by the term "gift".  The fold of the card is actually like a pleat and a small section has been cut and inverted - this is what holds the fizzer lollies in place.

I also added some cut green ribbons to the underside of the pink cardboard.  This version of the card suits by colourings much better - I just love the lolly colours of pink and lime green.

Have you ever copied and varied another's card and then taken ownership?

Hope you visit me again.